Monday 26 March, 2007

Activ Mobs at Barcamp Bangalore 3.0

Barcamp is one of the coolest tech conferences I've ever been to. Barcamp 2.0, which happened in December last year blew me away; both the people and the topics were absolutely amazing. Barcamp Bangalore 3.0 is happening at IIMB on March 31st and April 1st (Saturday and Sunday), so try to be there because it's totally worth it.
We'll be talking about Activ Mobs on Saturday and will be there for the full duration of the event as attendees, so feel free to catch us there. We're looking forward to talking to you guys face-to face and getting your feedback and suggestions first-hand. Keep mobbing!

Oh, and we've hit 9000 users, so yeah, baby, you guys rock!