Thursday 8 March, 2007

Superfast mobbing! Alright!

So there's a lot that's happened in the month since the last post. Keeping to tradition, the first thing I'll cover is our user base - we crossed 6000 users a couple of days ago. Keep mobbing guys, we really appreciate your support!

Next, we added three new numbers to Mobs to increase performance and make the service more responsive. The numbers are 9964036113/4/5. You'd have started receiving messages from one of these numbers early in February and we're happy to announce that this expansion of our capacity has gone perfectly. So create all the mobs you want - we can now support them! Incidentally, you can now send Mobs messages to any of these numbers as well as the old faithful, 9844622848.

We also came across a problem with cross-network message delays, from a non-Spice network to Spice - for example from Airtel to Mobs (Mobs is on Spice). The deal is that these messages never reach our Mobs servers and so the messages never get forwarded. As an interim solution we've added delivery confirmation messages - the Mobs server will send you an SMS confirming that it has received your message and has forwarded it to your mob. So just keep an eye out for that delivery notification - if you don't get one then it's likely that your message hasn't been delivered. You can just resend the message to any of the Mobs numbers mentioned above. You can turn this feature off by sending delivery off to any of the mobs numbers, but we recommend that you keep it on if you are using a non-Spice connection.

Last but not least, we're working frantically on getting a new website up which allows you to create mobs and add people to them. It's going to be fairly basic to start with but we hope to build on it over time.