Tuesday 5 December, 2006

What’s the story, morning glory?

It’s been little over a week since we launched Activ Mobs and given the response, I figure it’s time to start blogging about it. We’re already hitting upwards of 400 users and are sending out some 5000 messages in a day and are aiming for 10000 users at the end of two months.

So what is Activ Mobs? Mobs is a free (YEAH, FREE – in case you missed it :-)) SMS based group chat service available to mobile users in Karnataka. Quite simply, it’s conference calls for SMS. If you are part of a group of people who need to communicate with each other (your car-pool, your project team, your circle of friends, your family...), Mobs is for you. One person no longer needs to co-ordinate in order to inform all members of the group, organize something or reach a decision – everyone in the mob talks to everyone else.

Next question – how do you try this out? It’s quite simple. SMS name yournickname to 9844622848 (22848 reads on your keypad as ACTIV so it’s easy to remember) and you’re ready to roll! You'll get all the help you'll need to create your Mobs, add your friends to them and to start messaging.