Sunday 16 December, 2007

We are now running advertisement campaigns

So it's live now - Activ Mobs is officially an advertising platform. We can help you reach out to up to 5000 individuals between 17 and 25 years of age in Karnataka every single day.

All our ads are appended to regular mobs group SMS traffic; we never push ads alone to users. This means that when a Mobs user receives a message from us, it is always something he or she is interested in reading. You'd be surprised how much difference this makes, since the user does not regard your advertisement as spam.

How it works

  1. Activ Mobs is a group sms service which sends out an average of 50,000 messages per day.
  2. These messages are all expected by our users and are sent by people who are their friends and are part of their own SMS groups - i.e, they are not spam created from external sources.
  3. We can append ads of upto 80 characters in length at the end of these messages.
  4. We can ask users who see these ads to respond with a keyword - when they do, we can send them a message about your service or product containing upto 160 chars.
For example, a sample message might look like this:
adu(frnds):guys i leave 2mr meet today? coffee, drinks?
+Priests 2 Pubs find it all @, sms YULOP for more

So Adu sends a message to his mob frnds suggesting they all meet up; appended to this is an advertisement. If someone is interested by the advertisement, they request more information by sending the keyword - yulop in the example - to Activ. Activ in turn would send back a full, 160 character advertisement (which is the maximum length of an SMS). This could consist of anything from information about your services or products to a discount voucher - it's entirely up to you.

Introductory Pricing
Per impression cost: 15 paise
Per response cost:     1 rupee
Keyword cost:             Free!

What's more, we also let you decide how many impressions an individual receives. We're essentially giving you dirt cheap impressions on extremely high quality real estate, and you pay for responses what you'd otherwise pay for impressions. Yes, we've certainly learned a few things from Google's Ad-sense.

So let's do a campaign!
If you're interested, please drop us a mail ( - one of us from Activ will help you compose a good ad given the length restrictions. Once the campaign is done we will provide you with the statistics and take your feedback.

Note: We will not provide our users' personal information (which includes their phone numbers) as part of the statistics.